Hey, wanna see how these last 3 months went for me? 

Amazingly, Johnny is still my friend.

Amazingly, Johnny is still my friend.


You know what's fun?
Shoveling down handful after handful of chocolate covered almonds.

You know what's not fun?
Waking up and feeling like crap.

Not just physically from all the food, but emotionally from knowing you "shouldn't" be eating all those party carbs/fats/other tasty delights and doing it anyway.

If this sounds like it's from personal experience, it's because it is. I ate all the food from Halloween to New Year's. (I had to make sure it up to my discerning standards, ya know.) Here's the quick and dirty rundown of the last 3 months:

October was the yacht party, my birthday, and Halloween. No biggie...

November followed with lots of traveling and Thanksgiving. Not ideal, but I was kind of holding it together.

Then December happened. Things unraveled.

I had vacation, office parties, more travel, parties with friends, MORE travel, and then I CLEANED HOUSE on all the chocolate at my parents' home over the holidays. 

I'd like to tell you that I woke up on January 1 with a smile on my face and a song in my heart and was all, "LOL, I ATE ALL THE THINGS AND DIDN'T GAIN WEIGHT AND LOOK AT ME! I WILL PUT THIS BEHIND ME AND LOVE MYSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY! NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!!!!!!!"

Did this happen?

HA! Nope.

Real talk, this is what happened.

I questioned my commitment, perseverance, willpower, values, appearance, stamina, self-worth.... this might sound excessive, but when fitness is your "thing" and you don't feel like you're doing it well, it can get a little rough.

There were lots of long talks and heavy sighs. Looking at the scale to see yet another 3 pound increase (this happened several times). Moments of self-doubt and guilt punctuated by reminders that I need to be gentle with myself before starting back on the emotional roller coaster.

I felt like not only had I fallen off the wagon, but it backed up and ran over me again before zooming off into the distance with me just sitting in a pile of dust, staring at it fading away.

But then, as I thought more about what was going on, I realized something.

I've been here before..... This is my own personal Square One and a Half.


All I need to do is get back to the systems that worked for me in the past and I'll be fine. Actually, I'll be MORE than fine because I have a WAY better idea of what to expect this time around. EUREKA!

So, my goal is to get physically, mentally, and emotionally back where I was in October before shit hit the fan and I went HAM on dem cookies.

This translates, in real speak, into:

  • Getting back into the 158-162 range by the end of April (currently at 175, which, if you know my story, is the most I've weighed in more than 2 years. I am literally cringing as I write this).
  • Tracking my meals and working with my nutritionist again. I've already started this and it's amazing how much less anxious I am about food right now.
  • Having my workouts designed by someone else and just following along. Yeah, I'm a CPT but even coaches need coaches. Plus I have noticed that since I've started writing more plans for my personal clients, my own workouts have suffered because I just don't want to think any more! Weird, huh?

Does this sound like punishment? It's not.

I find systems, habits, and discipline to be incredibly freeing. By following paths I've already traveled and having others helping me, my worries melt away. I am already calmer because if something is out of whack I can easily find where the mix up occurred. I can fix it without second guessing. Plus even I need some accountability every once and a while, ya know.

As added fun, I'll be taking pictures and logging my progress to let you all know how I'm doing. There's nothing like having a bajillion eyes on you to keep your hands off those almonds....

But as always, I want this to help YOU.

Are you in a similar boat right now with a fitness New Year Resolution?

Do you want to do this together? 

Next week, I'm opening up my BodyLaunch program for beginners who want to get fit without the gym. It's a 6 week course you do in your home with workouts, accountability, community support, personal coaching from me, and so many other cool things. I'd love for us to get fit together and really take these next few weeks by storm.

Surely I must not be the only one feeling this way..... if you're in the same boat, shoot me an email (I know how hard this is to talk about ) and we can walk through your toughest parts together. I respond to every email.

2017, here we come!