I MORE THAN DOUBLED the amount of push-ups I can do.... That’s huge for me. I was SO PROUD of myself when I realized I could do that!
— Erin M.

The fact that I worked out, three of four times a week for six weeks, and actually after that, is CRAZY to me...

Gen got me to do my gym workout three or four times a week. This has NEVER happened in my life!
— Mary T.

For anyone considering working with Genevieve, DO IT.  She models exemplary self-discipline and she is very understanding, empathetic, and knowledgeable.

This program made it possible for me to mend my relationship with food and my relationship with my own body. Before, I would feed myself junk food, feel fat, and then work out in a vain attempt to counter my diet. Now… I am full of energy and self-love. It was also shocking how incredibly energetic I felt, and how quickly my bloat disappeared in a matter of days, revealing my hard-earned muscle.

Within two weeks, I was looking better and, more importantly, feeling better than I had in years.”–Clarissa R.

Katherine Front Before and After.JPG
Katherine Back Before and After.JPG

“I am the type of person that, if I cannot get all the way through a workout, I feel defeated and don't want to do it again. So the first thing about working out with Genevieve is that the workouts are manageable. Don't get me wrong, they are still tough and they push you but I can always get through the entire workout without quitting, and that keeps me going.

What surprised me the most is, not only how quickly I have seen my strength increase, but that my sense of confidence has increased even faster. I am not intimidated to walk into a busy gym or pick up the heavier weights anymore. I also feel more a lot more confident in my appearance.” – Katherine H.

"You gave me tangible, attainable things that I could do every day that were not overwhelming and that I was able to commit to - and doing them at home has been huge, because time is a big issue for me, and it saves me the driving time to the gym. 

I was definitely scared of the gym before I met you... after all these at home exercises that you gave me to build up my strength and confidence, I really could see myself joining a gym so that I have access to the equipment that will help me take this to the next level...

Sometimes I want to be able to work out and not have to take a shower right afterwards... and the things that you gave me to do make me stronger and challenge me, but rarely make me pour sweat or get super gross. This actually makes me work out more than I would normally be inclined, because I can squeeze it into my life in a way that I am comfortable with." - Anne F.

“You told me that my flabby arms would become firmer pretty quickly with the simple exercises you showed me and you were right!  I am already seeing a visible difference - yeah!! I'm looking and feeling terrific. 

An athletic-looking woman approached me, saying that she had noticed me from the other side of the gym . . . and that my form was so perfect(and so rarely seen) on this exercise that she simply had to come over and tell me how awesome it was.  How’s that for a compliment?!  It made my day!!

My thanks go again to YOU for motivating me and getting me started down this path of change.” – Kathy M.